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Rejuvenate Fixations provides quality services to clients by providing them with the professional care they deserve. Get in touch today to learn more about our replenishing window and door and home solutions.


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Reliable window and door replenishing solutions

Hi my name is Karl, i live in nelson/tasman i have four young lads trailing behind me. to my wife Cass. Unsure if this is a good thing but who knows these days. my aim is to replenish your windows and doors and most other aspects of your home. whether it be retrofit double glazing, rejuvenating your oxidised powder coated joinery, fly screens/repairs to wardrobe doors. Anything maintenance wise.

The purpose is to replenish the things we care about.

We have started this business in late 2019 and thing are going at a steady pace, this is all thanks to the lovely people in nelson/tasman bay. We provide great customer service to make sure you have a pleasant experience with us

We know it's the small things, that make a big difference...

Large Lawn

I spend the best of my knowledge in the window and door industry to rejuvenate oxidized any sun damaged powder coating back to its former self again and looking not so left out. As we rejuvenate the existing powder coating, so while the new retrofitted sashes and beads are applied they all match in together.

let your windows and doors shine with our replenishing solutions for your home. We can also replenish garage doors and spoutings as these can get damaged by sunlight and the weather. We also offer options to reduce UV from entering our homes weather it be as simple as changing you're single glazed glass to save furniture, carpet and wooden flooring from the harsh sunlight.

many services we offer...

Retrofit double glazing

Rejuvenate powder coating

Guaranteed window door repairs and maintenance, wheels, handles, hinges and all glass repairs.

Broken down double glazed units (moisture in between the two pieces of glass)

Wardrobe doors 

Supply for one off windows and doors

Rubbish removal

flyscreens and repairs

Lawns and section clearing/green waste removal

House and driveway washing and water blasting

Roof washing (conditions apply)

Most other handyman maintenance  


There is no job too big or small, we love to help.

all windows and doors, sashes, wardrobes and fly screens are locally manufactured

              We know that is the small things that make a big difference ​...

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